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25 February 2008
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We consider as "Monarchist" every nation, every government, every organization or individual advocating the creation or preservation of a political structure based upon an incarnate and sovereign system, a defender of natural liberties and independent from economic and political oligarchies and elites.

Whilst the forms of Monarchy can differ it remains, for many peoples and nations, a stable reality, or else an aspiration for a society with greater justice and protection for all its people.
We live in a globalizing world, which tends to ignore many local realities: human, cultural, historical, economic, philosophical and religious. Whereas Monarchy places the human factor at the heart of political considerations, globalization tends to regard human values as just one parameter among others in its macro-economic development agenda.
Facing this destructive globalization threat to national identities, monarchist parties, groups, organizations and newspapers carry on their fight often without any real coordination, just rare, conjectural or informal contacts.

I. Objectives

Monarchists around the world, have, through their various activities and campaigns, gained unique political experience, implemented different strategies, built varied doctrines, and come up with different ideas on many subjects. But what an Italian Monarchist has written is overlooked by a French Monarchist; what has been carried out by a French Monarchist is unknown by a Belgian Monarchist; the situation of a Belgian Monarchist nowadays, a Canadian Monarchist could only guess at; what Monarchist in Europe is aware of what the Cambodian or Moroccan Monarchists are building...?
We are not attempting to form an international monarchist party. Our national realities and respective goals would be in contradiction with such a Utopian project. But it seems clear that we can't best continue our fight while ignoring, intentionally or idly, the struggles and aspirations of our Monarchist comrades all around the world. Now comes the time to unite our energies.
We all have gained a fund of experience and knowledge that we need to share for the greater benefit of us all. This sharing will be done politically through a Council called the "International Monarchist Conference" (IMC) and materially through technical tools that will be defined and created at a later date.

II. Participants

Those involved or eligible to become involved are :
a- All Monarchist parties, movements, groups and political organizations;
b- All Monarchist newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs;
c- All Monarchist associations, foundations and groups, cultural, patrimonial or memorial;
d- All Monarchist trade unions and professional trade associations;
e- All Monarchist youth movements or organizations.

III. Sovereignty of the Signatories

Each signatory remains fully in charge of its own political, philosophical, dynastic, religious, economic, tactical and strategic direction. No distinction will be made between Monarchists identified as right-wing, left-wing, centre or professing a non-partisan position.
In any case the IMC will never intervene in the local and national organizations of the signatories.

IV. Organisation

The International Monarchist Conference (IMC) organization is defined in its statutes.


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